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"Something I can do to help you?"

Because this guy sure as hell doesn’t look like room service and Travis doesn’t remember ordering a stripper for his and Wes’ one year celebration. Either way, it’s like someone put together some wonder bread and slathered it thick with last year’s runway models just to drop it down in flannel and blonde hair.

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   It’s been a long time. More than a long time really. Travis has lost track of the days he’s found himself waking up smiling to himself and running his fingers over pale skin like it’s something sacred to him. It’s remarkable still how often than not he thinks that the bed will be cold, neatly folded, and he gets proven wrong with a peaceful face and messed up blonde hair. Each time it makes him smile and each time he places a soft kiss at that stupid spot of freckles just at the base of Wes’ neck.

   Work comes around and Travis covers his back closer, works more in sync with his partner. The chief stays off their back and Travis keeps his mouth shut when he’d normally make a rise out of things. Then it comes around and suddenly it’s like his world goes slow— They’ve been together for a year. One full year of arguing and yelling and bitching at each other until they’re swearing while ripping each other bare. Until they’re licking and biting into every kiss.

   Travis smiles into his hand, staring down into his coffee as he stands in the break room. Wes doesn’t have a clue just what he has planned for something as big as their anniversary. Hell, he isn’t even the romantic kind of guy and this might be the longest relationship he’s been in but it’s good. Frightening, but good. Real good. 

   Speak of the devil—

   ”Well look what the cat dragged in. About time you admitted the coffee here isn’t that bad. Unless that scowl is just you being happy to see me.”

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[Intimacy has never come easy to him. Wes thinks too much and acts too little. He’s heard it a thousand times in his life, from employers to girlfriends to Alex, and even Travis.I don’t know what you’re thinking.He’s worked hard to craft this image, this facade of careful calm that he has almost convinced himself is really who he is.

Then he remembers things like the stormfront, and laughing so hard that his sides ache. Things like Travis running his hands down along Wes’ skin like he’s something to be appreciated and worshipped. ]

[Wes never talks about his feelings and he acts on them even less. It’s why it astounds him how effortless this all seems for Travis. Casual intimacy. He wonders, and not for the first time, if he’s doing something wrong. Because every touch makes his chest ache and his skin tight. He loves Travis an uncomfortable amount. Love wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it? It didn’t seem to be that way for Travis.

Wes was the one who pulled his gun. Twice. Wes was the one pushing, shoving. Causing fights. ]

I don’t know how to do this.

[He speaks softly, knuckles of his free hand pressed against his lips like it might keep his partner from hearing the words as he contemplates their entwined fingers. Was he incapable of being in love correctly?]

[Travis smiles. He smiles because it’s what spoken that gets him, sets his throat to tightening and urges him to feel Wes just to reassure his silent fear that someday his partner, them, will be gone.]

[He’s always known Wes was complex, difficult to pick apart and even harder to put back together but he needs it, needs Wes like he needs to breathe (and that scares him more than he’ll admit). Where he acts without thinking, Wes thinks before acting. Complete opposites, just different sides of the same coin. His fingers turn over Wes’ hand thoughtfully in his own, still keeping their fingers tangled together. Travis knows intimacy far too well, it was the one balm that helped him to forget the past, helped him from getting hurt but this is the first time he feels like he’s suffocating and needs to touch Wes somehow to ease the ache. But he doesn’t want Wes to worry, so he smiles, plays it off as if he knows what he’s doing when he’s just spiraling out of control and unsure of what to do or say.]

I know, baby.

[Travis says quietly, reaching up with his free hand to gently pull away those fingers trying to hide away the words. Leaning in, he steals a kiss, wanting to feel Wes and reaffirm that this is okay, just this, just them. Parting only an inch, Travis is talking, admitting things he should’ve said before but had neglected to say because he’d been worried of all things.]

I don’t either…this…us…but we’ll get it…we’ll find our pace, we can do this.

[Another kiss, this one bordering on hungry, starved even. Because Travis will never be able to feel or kiss his partner enough to ease the stifling suffocating feeling in his chest. Because he wants to focus on here and now, he wants to ease those worries and just tell Wes that it’s okay, that they’re okay, and nothing is wrong. It’s frightening how badly he just wants to protect Wes, to stand at his side until hell freezes over.]

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excuse me while i replace beyonce with wes mitchell

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[He shouldn’t have a weakness for a smile he sees no less than ten times a day. Thirty or more, if you counted the number of times that he sees Travis smile at other people. The man was just personable, he had a smile for anyone who so much as glanced in his direction.

But there was something about the way those plush lips rose when he smiled, what Wes might just be ridiculous enough to call a private smile, that had his heart beating an erratic tattoo in his chest. He was never going to get used to this.]

Never hurts at all.

[He can tell that Wes is thinking, maybe over-thinking really. Either way it’s habit to find those slight blotches of color rising at his partner’s neck. Travis is subconsciously mirroring the way Wes’ tongue is moving as he shifts to sit a bit closer. Looking down briefly, he’s reaching out, taking those slender fingers in his own. Tangling their fingers together, Travis looks upwards at Wes with a slight smile just for him.]

No, never hurts.

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I feel like I picked up on that fairly quickly.

You’re definitely a fast learner. A few reminders though never hurt anyone.

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I feel like I’m missing some kind of dirty metaphor here.

Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually. Just like breakfast in bed, baby.

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Jim walks around the counter, nods. 

“What can I help you with?”

"If you were to get a gift for someone…"

Travis pauses, rubbing his jaw as he looks over the watches again, his mind going back to his partner and how he’d mentioned once a few months back about how he had a soft spot for the things.

"…a, er, structured and orderly and generally kind of clean lines and sharp edges kind of person…"

Straightening upright, he slides his hands into his pockets and glances over at the other man. Travis couldn’t place why the man unnerved him, maybe it was the smile, maybe it was because the guy reminded him of how his partner used to be before the warmth showed at his eyes and the corners of his lips. Either way, it doesn’t make him forget his manners as he offers a smile and rubs the back of his neck chuckling lightly.

”..well, a special person, but still, uh, what would you suggest? Yknow, like a second opinion and all. I’ve never really…well, done the gift thing before.”

His eyes shift back to the shelves and the countless items, gaze straying back to the watches thoughtfully before moving on. Words come out tumbling, natural as the air he breathes. Travis looks over a bundle of old leather bound books as he says them, too concerned on finding something to really make much note to what’s being said.

"I just want to make sure it’s perfect for him."

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